My parents, Dr. E. C. Shaw and Mrs. Margaret Shaw, siblings (three sisters and a brother), and I have spent years in the company of an Arctic explorer, Captain William Kennedy, his wife, Eleanor (nee Cripps), their daughter, Mary, and their son, William. My father purchased (in the Centennial year of 1968) their historical stone home (built in 1866) overlooking the Red River in St. Andrews, Manitoba. My father, and the rest of our family, operated this nineteenth century home as a museum, until his death in 1980.

My mother sold it in 1983, entrusting the continuation of this significant piece of Manitoba history to the Provincial government (who have owned and operated it since 1983). It is currently closed until the current Provincial government has undertaken the necessary work in order to reopen it, as well as its attractive, privately-run tearoom business.

As a result, my family and I have become well-acquainted with at least one Canadian-M├ętis (Cree mother, Orkney father) explorer, and his two expeditions (in search of Sir John Franklin), two great journeys.

The course and direction of any life-changing journey can be undertaken as an expedition. I plan to chart my own journey of weight loss and fitness with a map of plant-based routes of my own creation, a set of personalized tools and supplies, and a crew of supportive people along my path.

What is your expedition?