Summer may seem incredibly far away, like on some distant, tropical corner of the world or practically anywhere else, but here, given the Arctic-like temperatures and glacially slow melt this year, yet I am confident that summer is indeed on its way.

This month, while waiting for lingering, likes to hang around & chill, winter and so callously cold spring, to depart, so we can get to the 101 ways to escape from the searing sun season (as opposed to the other 3 seasons here in Manitoba, in which we long for its fiery return), what can you do now to sip on your icy, cold (or not so cold) beverages without the use of plastic straws (i.e. without adding to the pile up of plastic pollution these slippery straws represent?!?

If you’re a business owner

For the remainder of April, your challenge is to address the use of toss away straws by your customers and /or staff.

What alternatives can your Business begin to implement as we approach the sizzling heat & rising humidity of Summer (typically a time of greater throw-away straw use)?